Age of the Earth

Geologist Stephen Moshier, Wheaton College, presents geological evidence that Earth is billions of years old.

lecture given at the annual meeting of Evangelical Theological Society in November, 2017



The Eyeborg Documentary: Prosthetics Technologies

This video shows the latest prosthetic technologies (artificial eyes, hands, legs, etc.). It explores the current state of these technologies and the question of where such technologies will be in 10-15 years, with comparisons to tech in the video game “Deus Ex”. A good discussion starter on appropriate use of technology and bioethics. The connection to a video game will appeal to youth.


Audio interview: Jesus Christ, Extraterrestrial?

Jennifer Wiseman (interviewee)
Veritas Riff
A transcript of an interview on the Veritas Riff podcast. Jennifer Wiseman, NASA astronomer and Christian, speaks about the possibilities of intelligent life on other planets.

Tree of Life


An independent film about a family in 1950s Texas that explores deep theological themes of creation and takes a profound look at the hard questions raised in the book of Job. Review by Roy Anker.